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I practice and teach here in 6 countries where we have a partners and adherents, although I have patients and students from all over the world.Apart from my clinical practice, for the last five years I have served as the owner of the S.Tvardovska laboratory of organic cosmetics and school for spa specialist, where I provide mentorship-based training in 35 kinds of massage, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and Ayurveda. I am also the author of Hollywood Lifting massage – face lifting of deep tissue, and many articles for “Les Novelles Estetiques”, “Cosmetic” The French magazines for experts of the sphere of Beauty, CosmoLady, Pink.

Internally I believe in integration the great knowledge of Eastern medicine like Ayurveda to western allopathic medicine. For example anti age therapy according to Ayurveda have a two steps detoxification and rejuvenation, and now we can see how many physicians in western medicine open for Ayurvedic herbology or diet.
Very soon we can see how cosmetologist will treat laugh lines through diet and daily routine because according to Ayurveda laugh lines is a sine and symptom of malabsorption in intestinal and can be treat happily (are nasolabial folds that run from both sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Integration is very subtile think and took a time.

Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced system of medicine in the world, with a history in India dating back over 4000 years.

Unlike most forms of traditional medicine, Ayurveda is a highly organized and sophisticated medical system that includes formal branches of practice otherwise only found in modern medicine, such as the practice of surgery. It is a little-known fact that when the British arrived in India in the 1700s, they were surprised to see Indian physicians performing techniques such as cataract surgery and rhinoplasty that were well beyond the British doctors’ abilities.

But Ayurveda still have a different from modern medicine, however, in that it is predicated on an entirely different view of reality.

In contrast, Ayurveda is concerned with the subjective experience of disease, and for the most part, completely ignores abstract or numerical determinants of health.

Several weeks ago, I had a peri-menopausal patient complaining of severe hot flashes, worries, insomnia, skin dryness, eczema and extremely hair loss. She was in a new relationship, and this issues was proving to be a big problem. Frustrated and depressed, she went to the doctor and tested low in estrogen. She was placed on hormone-replacement therapy (HRT), but several months later (during which time she experienced no benefits), the Women’s Health Initiative Study demonstrated a link between HRT and cancer. She hurriedly consulted with her doctor and decided to stop the HRT, and was prescribed supposedly “safer” estrogen suppositories instead.

By the time she came to see me three months later, it was clear that the suppositories weren’t of any benefit. After listening to her experience, I prescribed a diet rich in certain types of fatty foods, such as cultured ghee and meat soup, along with a few herbs like Shatavari and Peony root that are traditionally used to nourish the blood and counteract dryness. Along with this, I had her apply medicated oil to her body on a daily basis and on scalp + feet at night time, and I instructed her to use nasya oil.

When she came back two weeks later, she remarked just how different she felt, how much “juicier” everything was, and how it completely turned around her life.

I have used the same basic approach with many other peri-menopausal and sub-fertile women, all with a similar degree of success—each time avoiding the risk inherent in reducing the experience of disease to a series of numbers. It may be said that science is devoid of metaphysics and philosophical statements on the nature of being, but in fact there is a powerful, metaphysical core to science that is all but hidden, continually skewing its perspective.

I happy to see every day beauty of Ayurveda in my daily practice, I feel great joy to use organic cosmetics, Ayurvedic medicine and herbs, massage, Marma therapy for healing of my clients.
I have no words to describe my gratitude to Guru Ji dr.Vasant Lad. Thanks for my Gurus, dr. Rajesh, Michel Montignac. Theaters shared with me so many beautiful knowledge and secrets of natural way of healing.

When I think about formula for cosmetic products and what is good for skin care of my clients I always remember Ayurvedic pharmaceutical rule “Each ingredient of medicine is urged to return balance of bodies, fabrics and systems” Kay to health hidden in balance. Each product which was created by our laboratory is directed on balance creation in a body and consciousness of the consumer.

We understand this in Ayurveda by respecting our inherent connectedness to the rhythms of the earth, sun, moon, tides and seasons, as well as the individual rhythm of our bodies. In Ayurveda, this is what is meant by dharma: the natural way of things. Hence our goal is to align ourselves with these natural rhythms, using our intelligence to anticipate, recognize and respond to patterns of change, artfully leveraging the power of nature to remove obstructions from our path.

My best goal is share the knowledge of Ayurveda and anti age therapy with everyone who open to get it.