Organic resources for cellular vitality therapy – phyto-aromatic cosmetics.

Hollywood Lifting offers a complete range of phyto-cosmetics & professional treatments developed to meet the expectations of young skin to adapt to their budgets.
Gourmet modern textures and deliciously herbal nd floral scents sublimate our products and make live a bouquet of exquisite sensations, because pleasure and well-being are also part of our priorities.
Hollywood Lifting is professional brand with a close partnership,more than 1500 beauticians in Eastern Europe, France,Dubai, Singapore, Poland, Germany and North America
Hollywood Lifting develops products used for professional care in beauty salons and must meet strict requirements in terms of quality and performance. Specialist in the art of magnifying the implementation of its products, Hollywood Lifting provides the means to optimize the effectiveness of its assets and offer the best of professional biological cosmetics.
Hollywood Lifting is beauty products combine the Centella Asiatica, a remarkable beauty active ingredient, with essential oils, real concentrates of plant active ingredients very popular in aromatherapy and cosmetics for their many properties (anti-aging, hydration, hygiene, lifting).


Effets Lifting serum is intense, unique formulation with Centella Asiatica Steam Cells.
Our protocols care are developed with the desire to bring real results on the skin of our customers from the first care in institute. This is why our formulas are mainly developed with high concentrations of natural and organic active ingredients demonstrating the effectiveness of nature’s treasures.
We develop our products with the same desire, some of them are acclaimed from the first use by many customers.
Thanks to this commitment in the design of innovative beauty treatments, efficient and respectful of Human and the Environment, our beauticians Europe and abroad have been faithful to us for many years.


Hollywood Lifting products are associated with almost 10 new skin care protocols, face and body, developed by key experts such as Svitlana Cherian, our beauty expert and founder of Hollywood Lifting massage technique. Some products have even been developed exclusively for institute care in order to enhance the expertise of our beauticians.

• Safe products: Hollywood Lifting products are designed with the utmost respect for people and the environment. All are guaranteed without paraben, phenoxyethanol, PEG, silicone, nanoparticle, perfume or synthetic dye, animal extract.

• Nature-friendly products: the most of our products 99.0% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and minimum 27.7% of the total ingredients are of organic agriculture origin, ecological and organic products.

• 100% made in France products: Faithful to its roots, Hollywood Lifting manufactures its products in the EV ROIG laboratories in the south of France and thus enhances French employment and know-how by ensuring the irreproachable quality of its products.