Ayurvedic Consultation with Svitlana – 60 minutes


We begin by learning  your unique constitution and nature of your imbalances. We gather detailed health history  including long and short term patterns, symptoms and behaviors. Next, an exam which includes pulse, tongue and physical structure. A report of findings and plan to help bring you back to balance is prepared and discussed with you. Herbal support and therapies such as  food and lifestyle begin.

Initial consult includes intake + exam, report of findings, therapy plan and 1 month herbal support.


What to expect in a Ayurvedic consultation?

The first meeting will last about an hour and involve an in depth consultation about your medical history, family medical history and your current health issues. This will involve me asking you questions about your diet, digestion, energy levels, sleep and predominant emotions. I will also take your pulse and inspect your tongue to gain further insight into the internal balance of the organs. The answers that you give and the information that I receive from ‘reading’ you help me to draw a picture of your unique and individual health presentation. You may come with a named cause of  ‘disease’ or aging issue but it will be treated according to your own particular constitutional strength and manifestation of that problem.

There is a saying in Traditional Medicine, ‘Same disease many treatments, different disease same treatment.’ This means that, for example, two people with the same named disease, such as ‘insomnia’ would be treated not with the same ‘sedative’ medication but with unique treatments, as their presentations of insomnia will be different. Conversely someone coming for treatment for ‘constipation’ may receive the same treatment as someone wanting treatment for ‘migraines’ as the problem may have the same cause but just manifests differently in each of according to our own health tendencies and constitutional balance.

Traditional medicine is unique, personal and individually tailored for you.

At the end of the consultation I will make a diagnosis and then prescribe some herbal tea, dietary advice and some lifestyle, skin care and treatments suggestions. * My goal is to empower my clients to understand how to prolong life and care for themselves.