Best Seller “​Hollywood Lifting Ritual” 120 minutes


120 minutes Hollywood Lifting ritual Include 10 steps to beauty transformation and includes foot and hand reflexology therapy + Aromatherapy

Every cosmetic product for each single step is safe, organic cosmetics made in France exclusive for Svitlana Cherian.

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  1. 5 minutes of deep relaxation with So – Ham meditation with Svitlana’s support and guidance.
  2. Gentle Marma Therapy
  3. Aromatherapy and makeup removal
  4. Double exfoliation and moisturizing
  5. Application of herbal lifting serum
  6. Oliation
  7. Hollywood Lifting Massage ( lymphatic drainage, Alfa-relaxation, deep facial musclemassage, percussions, Marma points and again Alfa relaxation.
  8. Application of Hollywood ifting cream mask

9. Next step will very much personal depend on skin type and client’s request: hot lifting mask 120F +, herbal alginat mask, or combination of cold/hot lifting.

We will end up or very relaxing session Hollywood Lifting creams application

The face has over 40 muscles, our emotions and unique personal face expression which becomes the reason of formation of wrinkles on the face.
Massaging the face esthetician will remove morphological changes (emotional mask) from the face.

The Hollywood Face Lift is the facial Lifting without any surgery. It is also known as Hollywood Face Lift Massage that involves a series of massage techniques. The treatment of Hollywood Face Lift helps to improve the skin complexion and remove toxins from the face. It also reduces and prevents facial wrinkles and age spots during treatment of the facial meridians. Hollywood Face Lift Massage treats the skin surface and deep facial tissues through hand and finger manipulation. It gives you younger look. It reduces expression lines, wrinkles and increase blood circulation.Hollywood Face Lift is the best way to improve natural health and well being.
Hollywood Lifting-Facial
Regular facials and face massages boost cell regeneration and promote collagen development. This gives you younger looking skin.
The star of the treatment is specific facial massage technique where the esthetician used the palms of her hands to firmly sculpt and knead my facial muscles, like a deep-tissue body massage, so by the time I emerged, my face literally looked like a different shape—more lifted and more contoured.
First two steps Lymphatic drainage and Alfa-Relaxation to relax nerve tension and to drain excess fluid in the face that causes
puffiness. Also our skin needs to get rid of the waste that accumulates on it on a regular basis. Eliminate Under Eye Bags And Dark Circles.
The third stage does magic
Rejuvenate Your Skin
Help to remove morphological changes (emotional mask) from the face.
That’s natural, help rejuvenate the skin.

The fourth stage will return a tone of muscles and skin.
Percussion massagers provide another form of massage therapy called percussion therapy (sometimes called vibration massage therapy).
Percussion therapy consists of rapid pulses that apply pressure and vibrate the muscle tissues, boosting blood flow and relaxing your muscles.
Increased circulation allows oxygen and nutrients to enter muscle tissue and toxins to be carried out.
This way, tissue damage gets repaired and muscle function is improved.
This is how percussion therapy relieves pain and enhances muscle flexibility, range of motion and performance.

The fifth step will create a condition of a deep relaxation and regeneration of fabrics

The Ayurvedic view of the origin and development of disease, of Ayurvedic treatment modalities in general and Marma therapy in particular:
Marma are portals into multidimensionality of life. As junction points between consciousness and physiology, they provide a window into the interchangeability of energy and matter.

The every single past experience metabolized into personal philosophy , the personal philosophy create unique construction and understanding of life.

Our choices become our biology.
Applying Marma therapy can have deeply therapeutic effect on emotional as well as physical levels.
Benefits of Marma massage is catalyzation of self-referral healing process. Activation these vital energy-rich Marma points support the body’s perpetual quest for balance and healing. More than 117 Marma points can be used for activation of internal biochemical exchanges, right combination points and stimulation the well appropriate use of Marma therapy for healing process of physical and emotional disorders.