Body moroccan traditional massage – 90 minutes massage


Feel happy to spend an hour relaxing in the SPA room.

Arriving to appointment, we were seated with mint tea, a common welcoming drink, and instructed about the procedure. 

Argan oil massage is called a royal massage for a reason

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We all need a break from time to time, so why not combine a relaxing massage with the benefits of  argan oil. Revitalizing and very rich in vitamin E, a massage with pure argan oil offers relaxation, hydration, skin toning, muscle and joint relief on top of the physical and mental pleasure experienced during a massage. Owed to its non-oily and non-greasy properties, pure argan oil is used as massage oil since timeless ages.


Used as a royal treatment to the guest of the royal families, the name for an argan oil massage became naturally a royal massage and became very popular amongst the best spa and massage facilities around Morocco. 


When you are faced with a wide range of different products and trying to choose one, remember that the best oils are the ones extracted from pits or seeds. Our pure argan oil is obtained with the cold-press method; we do not use any solvents. Argan oil remains liquid at room temperature and is suitable for all skin types; it is the ideal massage oil. A massage performed with argan oil keeps the skin flexible and hydrated, nourishes it and makes it softer.