Facial ritual with FTE – 75 minutes


FTE is an energetic Spanish face massage – a combination of three techniques – Quiro massage, Spanish lymphatic drainage massage and Shiatsu (Shiatsu), originating from different branches of massage schools, combined in one procedure.

*75 minutes ritual includes foot and hand reflexology therapy + Aromatherapy

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This massage is carried out in accordance with the unique technique developed by Plastic surgeon and his assistant Alissi Bronte(at the Bronte plastic surgery center Murcia. Spain). The technique is recognized as one of the best by a number of training centers in Europe, techniques represent quite a new philosophy and a new massage style. They incorporated all the best solutions of European massage schools as well.

The primary mission of this technique previously was to remove swelling and restore tissue after surgery. Later, patients of the clinic asked to include this massage as a standard to normal professional cosmetic care routines. Since then, FTE has been used not only in rehabilitation programs, but also in the everyday practice of cosmetologists.


Skin swelling
Poor skin turgor
Age-related skin dryness
Need for facial contour modeling


Muscular memory cleaning
Improvement of muscular and facial tone and elasticity Improvement of skin nourishment and hydration Improvement of skin oxygenation
Activation of cellular regenerative process
Healthy complexion
Lift effect
Modeling of facial contour, neck and décolleté Improvement of blood supply
Excretion of wastes from the organism
Better overall health