Fresh Caviar Skin Care 60 minutes ritual


Pamper yourself with our unique Royal Caviar Facial, that aims to turn back the clock, revealing younger, radiant skin.

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The main claims of the line, “MOISTURIZING, NOURISHING and FIRMING”, are part of a three-step facial to deeply stimulate cell metabolism and provide all the nutrients essential for a younger-looking skin. Intense regeneration treatment designed for mature as well as devitalized skin, it fully benefits from all the royal qualities of caviar to fight against premature ageing.


High quality premium anti-ageing treatment that stimulate the intense regeneration of mature skin lacking in vitality 3 axes of action: Hydration, Nutrition and Firming.

Treatment utilizes fresh and precious caviar cells, which are loaded with a nutritious matter called vitellus. Vitellus is rich in metabolic precursors and provides a cocktail of amino acids and peptides with high nutritive and regenerative value.

Aids in the development of collagen and elastin, improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Anti-oxidant properties fight against premature ageing.

Fragrance-free and contains no chemical preservatives for maximum tolerance and complete compatibility with even the most delicate skins.


Length of treatment 60 minutes 

Treatment recommended in 4 sessions

Treatment frequency once per week