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Course Program Details:
2-Day Hollywood Lift Facial Massage (HLFM) Course | Diploma Certificate
Professional two days training course – A blend of lymphatic drainage, Ayurvedic Marma massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Russian facial massage and Acupressure for the face taught by our skilled instructors. Hollywood Lifting Massage is a patented technique, Svitlana R. Cherian is the only course provider in the US to offer this exclusive HLFM course.

Course Fee – $2000 ($1000 per day) Less Deposit

A Registration Deposit of $250 is due when you register to secure a seat in the course which is payable to “Cherian Sales Services.”

The remaining balance of $1750 is paid to the course instructor on or before the day of class instruction with money order or cashiers check payable to “Cherian Sales Services.”

Note: A 10% ($175) discount on the course fee balance is available for students who pay with cash.

All our training course prices are inclusive, so no hidden charges!



The popularity of this course has increased through word of mouth.​​ Since 2008, due to its effectiveness, we get regular emails from our past students who use this regularly with their clients. They are getting amazing results and book further treatments with them!

This has made (HLFM) consistently one of the most popular courses that we offer .We were the first to bring this unique course into the complementary health domain. ​Although others have followed, they are unable to offer the same in-depth course as our material is copyrighted. ​All materials are copyrighted.

HFLM diploma course is open to complete beginners as well as existing seasoned therapists. No previous massage experience required.
Our course will include:
-Anatomy and physiology, indications and contraindications for massage -Hollywood Lifting Massage as an alternative or post plastic surgery, Botox, -Fillers/Hyaluronic acid, and mesotherapy injections.

– How HFLM works to impact areas of emotional facial expression, hormonal changes that affect the elasticity of the skin, wrinkles, morphological changes in facial tissue, repetitive motion injuries, and advanced scar tissue remodeling.
-Biological Detoxification and Rejuvenation (BDR) Therapy in daily life of the client. Food combination, superfoods, elimination of toxins and rejuvenation therapy.

-​Working with clients with following conditions : cancer patients, blood thinners, TMJD, Lupus and Diabetes. Weight issues, digestion, absorption and assimilation for a healthy body.​
30 minutes on marketing with global beauty & internet market specialist. Developing your signature service

12 hours of manual practice with demonstration, personal support from instructor in each step.
30 minutes (optional) professional Hollywood lifting product line and home skin care. Product reviews and demo.
30 minutes of emotional & spiritual support, meditation guidance practice. Breathing management. Self Awareness .

Why train for Hollywood Lifting facial-massage certification?
1) Hollywood Lifting Facial Massage (HFLM) provides similar results to a facelift surgery procedure without need for surgery. is to achieve an increase in the elasticity of muscle fibers and their contractile function, to increase the volume of muscle mass, to slow the atrophy of muscles, and to increase the flow of oxygen to the tissues.
2) HFLM has virtually no down time or recovery time! Clients can go to work the same day, without having to explain scars, bandages and the need to take time off.
3) HFLM gets results over the course of 5 facial treatments so the results to the client are gradual and natural vs. the shock effect after a face lift procedure and physical therapy.
4) Medical and Healthcare costs for a facelift procedure is on the rise!
A typical facelift surgery usually ranges from $6,000 to $15,000, including an anesthesia fee of $1,000 to $1,300, a hospital fee of $500 to $2,000 and a surgeon’s fee. A face lift will take more time, and costs more, for a patient with whose skin is less pliable or has been subjected to years of too much sun exposure. $7500-18300 total for a facelift surgery which does not include any physical therapy needed from any nerve issues that result from this invasive procedure.

HFLM can be priced much less than facelift surgery procedure and offers similar results without the need for cutting skin, capillaries, nerves, blood vessels, and the resulting down time.
We recommend pricing at $185 for 45 minutes massage and $500 in post plastic surgery rehabilitation per 90 minutes treatment, with five HFLM treatments that is $925- $2500 vs. $7000-$18,300 for facelift surgery! 5X less and once you establish your reputation and track record you are able to charge more for these services!

$925-$2500 per client assuming one HFLM client per MONTH equates to annual revenue of $30,000. If you are able to attract one client per WEEK that equates to an annual revenue of $130,000 per year! You can certainly see how this certification can pay back in dividends to HFLM certified students quickly!

After you have completed this massage course with us you are able to gain unlimited, FREE online access to the course video and will become an invaluable resource for future reference.
Course Times

If you are attending our two days course the times are as follows:
10.00am – 4.30pm Weekdays
or 10.30am – 5pm if you choose to attend on a weekend date.
For our 2 day courses, you will receive a 45 min lunch break and a short afternoon break also. No case studies are required – no written exams.

Certificates are given on the day on the completion of a successful practical assessment with your instructor.
Join big community of students we train each year!

We have a long term proven history and our feedback speaks for itself.
We also look forward to hearing how you get on once you have completed a course with us. We love what we do and have passionate knowledgeable tutors who very much look forward to welcoming you on a course with them soon.

Remember when you sign up for one of our courses you will receive extra added value of over $50 worth of FREE material including:
Anatomy and Physiology e-manual
Copy of our therapist accounts package

And Access to one additional day of the next Hollywood Lifting massage course available in your area to help you remember the routine taught and get additional coaching from your instructor.