Prepayment for Japanese lymphatic drainage massage with Bamboo Sticks


The Bamboo – Sticks Massage technique allows you to easily adjust the pressure, making deep-tissue work easy.

Course Fee – $750 

A Registration Deposit of $250 is due when you register to secure a seat in the course which is payable to “Cherian Sales Services.” 

The remaining balance of $500 is paid to the course instructor on or before the day of class instruction with money order or cashiers check payable to “Cherian Sales Services.” 



I can effectively palpate using the bamboo and am able to easily locate muscle tension and treat trigger points. Using bamboo is now like a continuation of my fingers. There is also a beautiful quality to the material; it has a luxurious feeling and both you and the clients feel very energized and revitalized, but also relaxed.

All our training course prices are inclusive, so no hidden charges!

Note: A 10% ($75) discount on the course fee balance is available for students who pay  with cash. 

Remember when you sign up for one of our courses you will receive extra added value of over $50 worth of FREE material including:

Anatomy and Physiology e-manual

Copy of our therapist accounts package

And Access to one additional day of the next K&T CML fusion massage course available in your area to help you remember the routine taught and get additional coaching from your instructor.