Facial ritual with Kobido – 75 minutes


This technique isn’t just Kobido, but the best version of a combination of Japanese Kobido and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s facial lifting and acupressure. *75 minutes ritual includes foot and hand reflexology therapy + Aromatherapy

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Why a combination of Japanese Kobido massage and Chinese medicine?
Working with meridians and acupressure for energetic points on the face, neck and decollete affects the meridians and vital organs in other areas of the body.
Regulating the flow of Chi energy: Chinese medicine, Yoga and Ayurveda talk about the vital energy of Prana or Chi, these sciences are based on regulating the quality and quantity of energy and also on the 5 main elements that make up the body. Herbs, water and food allow Prana to accumulate and transform elements into body tissues. Prana monitors the metabolism and intelligence of cells, tissues and organs of the body. On the face there are points of absolutely all organs and systems. The face is the pure essence of the body like the flower essence of a plant.
A lot of work is done with meridians on the head and neck, which is extremely necessary for everyone who likes Botox injections. This technique allows you to return circulation to areas where it is difficult. Also for patients after plastic surgery and with hair loss. The causes of circulatory disorders in the skin and muscles of the head are actually very many. For any reason, this massage is indicated as it is intended to restore life.

And finally, Kobido massage works directly with the skin and lymph, returning it elasticity and smoothness.
Deformational type of aging – lifting and correction of the face oval.
Improvement of muscle tone.

Recommend for Fine-wrinkled type of aging – correction and prevention of the appearance of facial wrinkles.
Care for hypersensitive skin prone to erythema.
Correction of the muscular asymmetry of the face associated with injuries, stressful situations.

Pastosity and swelling of the soft tissues of the face.