Night luxuriously lightweight serum


Night luxuriously lightweight serum, skin-loving goodness now in a limited-edition small bottle.
Simple genius formula, combination of squalane and E & K vitamin complex is a potent brightener and elasticity booster. Chios crystal oil firms and revitalizes to give your skin youthful bounce back, while squalane locks in much-needed moisture. Lady’s Mantle Herbal Extract powerful antioxidant, expedites healing process and collagen turn over process on the skin, which helps skin recover faster.

Our damascus rose essential oil and sandalwood essential oil calms and soothes, leaving behind a soft, natural scent.

All skin types can benefit from this serum— even oily. And because it absorbs in a flash, it’s perfect addition to night beauty routine. Get ready to admire your new, rosy glow.

• Squalane, naturally present in the skin and increasing during adolescence to a peak at about age 25 (although recently this has dropped to 23) and drops rapidly thereafter. From this point some replenishment is required.
• A few drops of Squalane applied to the skin will keep the skin moist and wrinkle free. Squalane has also been used to speed wound healing.
• The Vitamin E that your getting is called Alpha-Tocopherol. And Unlike the Vitamin E Acetate, this is the real thing. It is derived from natural sources and has a higher biological activity on a weight basis than Vitamin E derived from synthetic sources. (Make sure the Vitamin E that your using on your skin is the Alpha-Tocopherol type, not the Acetate.)

• Increases skin radiance by improving tone and texture
• Boosts skin firmness and suppleness
• Instantly hydrates and protects skin from moisture loss

For external use only. Use only as directed. We recommend a patch test prior to use if you are particularly sensitive.



Ingredients INCI:
SQUALANE, ALCHEMILLA VULGARIS Extract, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), phytonadione (Vitamin K), Rosa damascene essential oil, Santalum album (Sandalwood) essential Oil.

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