Vedic Facial – 50 minutes


A complete facial treatment with the added touch of Herbal oils gently applied to marma points to enliven the radiant beauty inherent to facial skin. Marma points are vital and secret point found throughout the body that are linked energetically to Chakras. When these vital points are open the body can heal itself and alleviate toxins and impurities the skin absorbs through environmental, physical, and spiritual pollutants.

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 Five step treatment start from: 

Cleansing with gel and herbal lotion 

Vegetable scrub 

Facial massages with Ayurvedic herbal oil

Herbal mask 

Gentle head and shoulders massage. 



Reduces tension and stress

Healthier skin cells from improved blood circulation nourishes skin increasing the tone, glow and vitality

Boosts immune system and increases quality of sleep

Benefits the mind by improving our memory, mental clarity and fatigue

Awakens the consciousness by balancing all three body energies-vata, pitta and kapha doshas