Weight loss Consultation


Clearly excessive subcutaneous body fat and visceral fat has been established as a major risk factor for diabetes, insulin resistance, chronic inflammation, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some cancers in both men and women.*

After 20 years and thousands of patients,  I’ve designed an individualized weight-loss approach that effectively allows people to steadily lose weight in a healthy way without starvation, great difficulty, being overly stimulated or nutritionally deficient.  The focus of the program is based on the CAUSES for YOUR weight gain. There are many causes to weight gain including liver congestion, colon congestion, nutritional deficiencies, emotional eating, weak digestion, hormonal imbalances such as menopause or low thyroid function, high stress, poor eating habits, poor food combining and more.  


A thorough assessment will be conducted to identify ALL the causes of weight gain and prioritized necessary treatments or steps in your individualized weight-loss program.

My many testimonials of patients who have lost weight continuously while on this program speaks for itself as for its effectiveness.  I strongly believe that only an individualized approach based on the actual causes for weight gain will be successful long-term. “Packaged” programs and those that just address reducing the diet such as eliminating specific foods, detoxing, fasting or exercising are limited and possibly ineffective for many people.


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An individualized diet

I provide individualized meal planning based on your specific body-type and digestive system that is simple and easy to follow.  Instead of radical food restrictions, I promote strong digestion and good absorption of nutrients so less food and “carbs” are needed.   In fact, my approach is not a “diet” but a way of eating to maintain a healthy body weight. In Ayurveda it is what you eat is more important than how much you eat!

A consultation generally lasts for 60 to 90 minutes depending upon an individual’s personal concerns and number of health conditions.   As is traditional in Ayurveda, I employ observation (darshanam), questioning (prashnam) and touch (Sparshanam) to understand your state of health and all imbalances. This detailed assessment includes identifying your original body-type (Prakruti) and understanding doshic imbalances using Ayurvedic methods of clinical examination: pulse, hair, nails, teeth, eyes and more.  Subsequently, once I know your current body-type (Vikruti) I can design individualized dietary guidelines with meals plans and lifestyle recommendations to restore balance in your constitution (homeostasis).

Additionally, I provide or recommend specific Ayurvedic herbal tablets, powders, medicated ghee or oil and to balance the doshic subtypes, tissues (dhatus), channels (Srotras), digestive power (agni), elimination channels (malas), prana, ojas and specific health conditions.

An Ayurvedic consultation requires only one consultation with one or two follow-up sessions. Besides profoundly improving your overall health, Ayurveda will leave you with the knowledge to care for your body for the rest of your life and  clear understanding of your unique path to optimum health.